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Evangelical Methodist Conference
Dr. James B. Fields, General Superintendent
Bible Methodist Missions
P O Box 751
Kingsport, TN 37662
Phone: 423-245-6341
Fax:    423-245-9288

Breckbill Bible College
Dr. Ronald N. Cooke, President
R. R. 3 Box 486
Max Meadows VA. 24360
Phone: 540-637-3727

The American Council of Christian Churches
Dr. Ralph Colas, Executive Secretary
P O Box 5455
Bethlehem PA 18015-5455
Phone: 610-865-3009
Fax:    610-865-3033
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More Information about the Evangelical Methodist Church
Wesley's 25 Articles of Religion, the Historical Statement of the EMC, and the General Rules.

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