What Is A Puppy Mill
My definition of a Puppy Mill is

barns and wooden fences of Amish country, pedigree puppies being bred by the tens of thousands,
many living in a hellish world of filthy, crowded cages.
cages stacked so that the puppies on the bottom are defecated and urinated on, by all the puppies
above them.
They are "puppy mill" puppies

when the puppies survive without major health defects, the puppy-mill system is a cruel one, treating
dogs like farm livestock.
Don't buy a puppy from a pet shop!!! Buying from pet shops supports puppy mills by increasing the
demand. When you are ready to buy a puppy, find a responsible breeder
Puppy Mill?
With in reason, the number of dogs kept can not alone determine if
someone is a puppy mill. Some people can love and take excellent care
of ten dogs while someone else can not properly care for one.
Some people insinuate if a person is not showing their dog they are a puppy mill.
This is not true. Some people have never shown their dogs
or have shown in the past, produced champions and top producers and just
quit showing. They breed for the pure joy and challenge of producing
beautiful puppies, striving for each generation to be better than the
last. They have that picture of the 'perfect dog' in their head too and
want to produce it.
Many breeders have formed cliques, circles of friends. They pass
their own judgement of other breeders, often when they know little or
nothing about them. They can be very quick to criticize the non-show person,
judging and denouncing them as a puppy mill. When in fact, they may have
better quality puppies and take better care of them.
Do not listen to ill winded people. Be intelligent. Be alert. You
know when an enviroment is clean; when puppies and adults are clean,
groomed and well mannered. It doesn't take a person active in the showring
to study pedigrees and health issues, to be honest and caring.
Spend a little time talking to a breeder and don't be so quick to
criticize till you know the facts. Who knows, you may make a good
long-lasting friendship and come to appreciate each other. An open mind
is always more likely to find the truth than a closed one.
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