The following article was taken from the book -

"How to Have a Healthier Dog"
by Dr. Wendell. O. Belfield D.V.M.,


With the larger breeds you constantly in a touch and go situation, with a skeletal system that needs to grow fast enough and strong enough to keep pace with the rapidly increasing bulk of muscle and fat. The skeletal system often canít keep up.

A classic example is a phenomenon we see with Doberman puppies where the wrists buckle out and it looks like the animal has rickets. It is a very pathetic sight and can happen from one day to the next.

The problem is ligament laxity. The dog is not producing enough collagen, which gives strength to the ligaments, tendons, and bones. The wrist ligaments of the rapidly growing puppy stretch thin and can no longer hold the weight or the joint together, so the wrist bulges out in a constantly flexed position.

I remember a few years ago treating three Dobermans out of the same litter with this problem, I administered 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C ( sodium ascorbate ) intravenously and dispensed vitamin C powder with the instructions to give a quarter teaspoon ( 1,000 milligrams ) in the food daily. In three days the wrist condition had returned to normal. The vitamin C built up the collagen rapidly. I have now treated this problem with vitamin C a number of times and find that the wrists straighten out in an average of three to four days. The maximum has been ten days.